Marketing Consulting

Social media and content marketing can be overwhelming for most small business owners. I help them achieve measurable business results by working along side them nudging thier visitors along while informing, engaging and guiding them toward purchase. When it comes to internet research, markets consume approximately 30 hours of content before making a purchasing decision. My strong suit is re-utilizing material in new and creative ways, keeping visitors informed, engaged and ready to purchase at the click of a button. You can learn more about my services on the official Buzzworthy Media site

Film Production/Video Editing

My career began in the film and television industry as a location scout for an informational production company. Through the years I gained experience as an editor and cinematographer, but I excelled at production coordination. My job was to make sure the crew had what they needed, where they needed it and that the crew was sufficient for the job. On most projects I worked with small teams (5-10 person teams), but on occassion I worked on larger productions with 25+ people. 

Natural Healing

With a deep interest in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and the intertwined functions of brain & physical health, I am well read on psychology, nutrition and natural remedies. I write about health, cannabis and healing the body naturally on my CannaBlog. This deep interest in natural healing also led me to learn about Eastern philosophies and to pursue my meditation certificate in which I currently lead walking, breathing and guided meditation classes. You can learn more about this on my Mindful Warrior site.


I have worked as both a high school teacher and a tutor for elementary age students and also assist the elderly with learning technology. I took the alternative route to my teaching certification in New Jersey and served for three years educating in the areas of web design, photography, video production & editing as well as basic internet skills. As a tutor for elementary students I assisted 3rd-8th graders with math and English skills. As the teacher for a new program in Video Production, part of my first year duties included writing the curriculum for the program adhearing to state standards for the courses. 



My work in the security business started in 1996 at a Texas nightclub. I originally applied for a bartender position, but was followed out of the venue by the security manager who insisted that I try doing security. I immediately loved the job. In the three companies I have worked for all included self-defense training. As a former Denver Merchant Guard, I was exposed to large venue security protocol at Pepsi Center, Broncos Stadium and several classic music venues around the city. I am currently a S.O.R.A. Certified Security Guard in NJ with 609 Security I possess additional speciality certifications in: Stop The Bleed, Handcuff, Baton, Search & Patdown, Wand and Pepper Spray. I will be re-certifying this year in First Aid,, AED & CPR.